B E A R’ S A D V E N T U R E

“…pictorial fantasies and plasticity. The artist deals with paint in every way possible, transparent and opaque colours, wet on wet, glazed… a sure sense of construction in each drawing creates a good foundation for the lyrical colour arrangement. The total effect is serene but vigorous, delicate but never timid…”

Wilson Library Bulletin

After mistaking the basket of a hot-air balloon for a cozy den, a brown bear goes on an unexpected adventure in a big city. When the balloon lands at the start of a colourful parade, the crowd embraces bear - so very lifelike! - turning him into an instant celebrity. From talk-show hosts to helicopter pilots, everyone wants to meet the funny man in the bear costume. But no-one understands poor Bear! With each new sight and smell, friendly face, and excited crowd, Bear is drawn further from his home and into an adventure he will never forget.
Combining elegant writing with gorgeous illustrations, this lively and endearing story from Brian Wildsmith will keep readers enthralled to the final pages.