Exhibitions 1994-2017

2017, 20th March

Wild About Colour, The Story Museum, Oxford, England.

“Wildsmith’s extraordinary contribution to the world of children’s illustration and his use of vibrant colour is being celebrated in Wild About Colour, an exhibition at The Story Museum in Oxford, curated by illustrator Helen Cooper, herself a two-time recipient of the Kate Greenaway Medal and a long term admirer of Wildsmith’s work. The exhibition which features over 20 of his original illustrations will also showcase the work of a dozen modern illustrators who share his passion for colour and paint. It is also fitting that the event is being held in the home town of Wildsmith’s main publisher Oxford University Press. Over 18 000 people visited the exhibition.”

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2015, 10th June - 1st July

Brian Wildsmith's Dazzling World of Illustration at the Illustrationcupboard Gallery who wrote in their blogspot, “As Brian Wildsmith celebrated his 85th birthday earlier this year the Illustrationcupboard Gallery presented artwork from his studio in France from fourteen different books with highlights including double page spreads from The Little Wood Duck and The Owl and Woodpecker – two of his best known illustrated books. It was wonderful to be joined for the opening reception by Rebecca Wildsmith, one of Brian's daughters.”

2012, 11th July - 4th August

The Drawings of Brian Wildsmith, the Illustrationcupboard Gallery, London. England . An exhibition of his pen and ink illustration artwork from books including the costume designs produced for The Bluebird (film).

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2010, 24th March - 24th April

The Master of Colour - Brian Wildsmith at 80, the Illustrationcupboard Gallery, London. England. The first exhibition in the UK of Brian's artwork.

2010, 23rd September - 5th November

Brian Wildsmith in Yorkshire, an exhibition held in conjunction with The Cooper Gallery at The Civic’s Panorama Space, Barnsley, curated by Alison Cooper from the London collection.

2010, 1st April 2010 - 18th July

Brian Wildsmith’s Animal Gallery, was held in Seven Stories’ Bookden, at the National Centre for Children’s books in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK. This intimate scale exhibition focused on the works from the recent publication of Animal Gallery, a compilation from Fishes, Birds and Wild Animals.

“Brian’s art work was reproduced to transform the Bookden into a festival of colour, pattern, texture and image highlighting the fresh and daring approach he developed in the late 50s and 6Os and that is still so appealing today.”

Seven Stories Press Release

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2004 13th July - 15th August, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan.

Following its first showing and excellent reviews at the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum in 2003, the special exhibition, Brian Wildsmith and His World of Illustrations and Picture Books - Fantasia from a Fairyland, opened at the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan. Wildsmith is often referred to as a “magician of colours,” and his retrospective featured 156 illustrations from 34 books, as well as 10 posters. Held as part of a goodwill exchange program, the exhibition included an event in which the British author-illustrator interacted with local children to promote interest in culture and the arts.

2003 28th April

Fantasia from a Fairy Land, Fuji Art Museum, Tokyo and tour of Japan

Large-scale retrospective, from 50 of his book titles to celebrate his 40th anniversary as an illustrator THIS EXHIBITION ATTRACTED 1,35M visitors.


Professor Noah’s spaceship - Let’s think about the future of the earth, Okazaki Museum for Children, Japan.


Brian Wildsmith exhibition - A gift for Christmas, Kyoto.


World of Seven English Picture Book Artists : Brian Wildsmith, Charles Keeping, Quentin Blake, Victor Ambrus, Michael Foreman, Raymond Briggs, Anthony Browne.

Patronised by British Council, coordinated by M et M Co,. Ltd

13th - 25th January 1998, Mitsukoshi Museum of Art, Tokyo

10th April - 13th May, 1998, Hokkaido Museum of Art, Obihiro

17th - 29th June, 1998, Shimonoseki Daimaru 7F- Daimaru Bunka hall, Shimonoseki

5th -17th August 1998, Daimau Museum Umeda - Osaka, Osaka

20th October - 29th November, 1998, Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art, Kumanoto

5th December1998 - 17th January 1999, Kawaguchimo Museum of Art, Kawaguchiko


The New World of Brian Wildsmith, organised by the below museums and The Committee Of The New World of Brian Wildsmith, Patronised by The British Council and the Japanese Board on Book for Young People, supported by The Brian Wildsmith Museum of Art.

Daimaru Museum, Tokyo

Yonaga Shinmachi Tenmaya

Kawaguchiko Museum of Art

Itami City Museum of Art

1995 -1996

The World of Brian Wildsmith, organised by The Asahi Shimbun, Patronised by The British Council, Supported by The Brian Wildsmith Museum of Art.

Daimaru Museum, Tokyo

Daimaru Department Store, Kyoto

Shimonoseki Daimaru Department Store

Daimaru department Store, Wakayama

Hakata Daimaru Department Store

Daimaru Museum, Kobe

Misukoshi Department Store, Ebisu


Paintings, Schiller Wapner Gallery, New York, USA followed by 871 Fine Arts in San Francisco, California


Christmas at The Hopkins Center, Beaumont - May Gallery, Dartmouth College, Hanover, USA Brian’s first USA exhibition of originals.

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Three Centuries of ABC Books, Library of Congress, USA. “Mr. Wildsmith’s was one of the few contemporary artists to be included in this exhibit.”

Brian Wildsmith Museum Of Art Izukogen, Japan, 1994 - 2016