“Full page paintings represent various types of fish in their natural habitats. A wonderful book for teaching your child the collective nouns for each group of fish.”

”…a shimmering- scaled, dancing, speckly feast of colour. No point, no story, just visually stimulating. The pictures, however, are not simple or sharply defined and inexperienced viewers may need help to catch their fish.”

Stephanie Nettell

Every child know that in the depths of the sea and in the smooth flowing rivers there live millions of fish of all kinds.
In these pages he will see a few of these creatures singly, and in groups, in all their colourful variety. Each has its own character, endearing, like the Sea Horse, or alarming, like the Barracuda. Through these paintings of fish, familiar and unfamiliar, the artist helps children to become aware of the beauty of the world around them and to realise something of the wonder that lives unseen by human eye below the surface of the sea and river.

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