P R O F E S S O R N O A H’ S S P A C E S H I P


“The term “pollution” has finally crept into juvenilia and it comes by way of Brian Wildsmith’s rich gouaches and fable. The fable, drawing upon the Old Testament story, should create a storm because it effectively informs children about the destructive nature of pollution. It’s virtually saying the world is intolerable and it will necessitate nothing short of a modern day Noah’s Ark to flee it”

Martin Gervais, Windsor Star

This ecological story that has so much relevance today, tells how the animals and birds lived happily in a beautiful forest that provided for all their needs. Sadly, pollution began to destroy their shelter and food supply and their future looked bleak. A kind professor invites the animals to blast off with him to another planet in order to escape the destruction of the forest.

This reissue of Brian Wildsmith’s timely story speaks to the need for 21st century environmental protection and preservation.