T H E T U N N E L 


”…his evocative drawings and excellent English and French texts are well able to make each worthwhile point. Full marks to author/artist and publisher for good timing.”

Junior Bookshelf

‘This dual language book is a great read for children learning French or English and is a fun story to pick up at story-time because, first of all, you can start the book from either end. There is no back cover, only the choice to start from the English side or the French side. This feature reflects the story of two mole cousins who live on either side of the Channel and come up with a brilliant plan to dig a tunnel that connects the two countries, so that they can meet up…’

Brian’s dual language book created to celebrate the opening of the Channel tunnel.
Le livre en deux langues crée par Brian pour célébrer l’ouverture du tunnel sous la Manche.